We are one of the largest companies in Hungary for the maintenance of parental couples and the withdrawal of daily chickens of mixed and meat poultry, both in terms of the number of parents, the range of breeds, and the number of bred daily poultry. Goldavis Kft is a family business of Hungarian property, the main area of activity of which since 1993 has been the maintenance and upbringing of parents and the breeding of daily chickens. The owners have been engaged in poultry farming since 1971, first as small farmers, and then as a family business. Fully updated farms of parent couples and hatcheries meet the requirements of Hungary and the EU. Goldavis management considers it important to comply with quality requirements, preserve the environment, as well as comply with hygienic requirements and constantly develop the corporate governance system.

Permanent veterinary and institutional diagnostic checks at farms and hatcheries provide a stable veterinary base. In addition to compulsory avian fever vaccination and general infectious bronchitis, our daily chickens are vaccinated against Marek and Gamborough diseases if necessary. Our daily chickens are free from the following diseases and have an adequate level of protection based on modern molecular biological and serological tests: salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, TRT, infectious bronchitis, reovirus and infectious chicken anemia.

We can meet the needs of our customers engaged in organic growing and free walking, with a wide range of different hybrids. Among others, we recommend meat daily chickens of intensive industrial production Ross 308, Redbro, creating on the table of demanding customers an almost forgotten world; Master, which with its decorative color and good growth parameters is the decoration of green courtyards. Our multi-purpose varieties provide excellent egg and meat production. These are: Farm, Farm Q, Gris Barre and Avicolor.

We wish all of us further strength and zeal! Together, transferring our knowledge and armed with invariably reliable quality, we will continue to be key players in Hungarian poultry farming.